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After the prime of the Last minute, Amy are criticised due to the <a href="https://datingranking.net/de/prugelplatze/">meine Rezension hier</a> fact also sexy getting a family group plan including Doc Just who

By the end from their time into the Doc, she got in order to wear studying servings. (TV: Brand new Angels Get Manhattan)

What's Amy's age? [ ]

Adopting the their relationships regarding the Big-bang, Amy's real past identity try a question of conjecture. During the most of show six, your medical professional continued to mention her "Pond", making unlock the possibility that she failed to necessarily simply take Rory's last title. His lone entry to "Amy Williams" in the God State-of-the-art - simultaneously as he are attempting to make the lady pick the lady life owing to a far more "real" lens - suggested, however, didn't show, one to she actually was "Amy Williams".