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Unique measures out-of shelter out of younger pros (age.grams. night work, work in demanding, unsafe or substandard affairs)

The procedure of employment from more youthful individuals, their health test and you will evaluation of their power to perform certain performs, their operating day, the menu of functions prohibited for them and this out of hazardous, unsafe items could have been authorized by the Authorities.

  • Prohibition of an effective probation period to evaluate the http://www.datingmentor.org/pl/ilove-recenzja newest suitability out-of an enthusiastic staff member on conformed functions;
  • Ban of termination of one's bargain out-of work toward initiative regarding a manager without having any blame from a worker except outrageous cases if preservation from an employee do substantially violate the brand new welfare of one's company;
  • Required medical examination upon a position and you may per year thereafter up until they reach 18 years old;
  • Prohibition to conclude new contracts regarding full pecuniary liability of staff;
  • Minimal lifetime of daily continuous other people so you're able to staff around sixteen years of age - at the least 14 instances, in order to individuals from sixteen in order to 18 years old - at the least twelve circumstances level each other into the big date away from 10 p.m.