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This part has been split up into half a dozen subsections that cover: (i) need and you may inspiration, (ii) personality correlates, (iii) negative correlates, (iv) impulsive actions, (v) material explore and you will behavioural addictions, and you can (vi) problematic access to internet dating. Across the subsections, the main focus is on area of the conclusions of each investigation and you can, when applicable, how this type of conclusions get in touch with overuse/tricky functions.

Use and Motives

Out from the eleven degree, there are ten decimal degree, that was indeed mix-sectional (Corriero and you can Tong 2016; Gunter 2008; Hance et al. 2018; Houran and you may Lange 2004; Hwang 2013; Kim ainsi que al. 2009; Menkin et al. 2015; Paul 2014; Stinson and you can Jeske 2016; Valkenburg and Peter 2007), and one qualitative analysis (Lawson and you can Leck 2006). One to study checked out heterosexual participants simply (Hwang 2013), and another studies focused on male homosexual communities merely (Corriero and you can Tong 2016), and leftover degree don't distinguish ranging from intimate orientations.