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8) ?? ?? ? ???. (Jigeum jeonhwa mot batneunde.)

It is among the many you'll be able to factors the decision recipient you are going to provide your into almost every other class not-being offered. Here are a whole lot more reasons you could potentially listen to:

  • ??????. (Mitingjungimnida.) – “He/the woman is in the a conference.”
  • ????????. (Jeomsimsiksajungimnida.) – “He/she actually is having meal.”
  • ?? ??? ? ????. (Jigeum jarie a keen gyesimnida.) – “He/she's not within his/their seat now.”
  • ?? ??????. (Oebu mitingjungimnida.) “He/she is on a meeting.”

A: ??? ?? ??? ????? (Yeona ssii jigeum jarie gyesingayo?) – “Could i communicate with Yeona, please?” B: ??? ?? ??????. (Yeona ssii jigeum tonghwajungimnida) – “Yeona is found on the telephone today.”

7) ???. (Jamkkanman.) / ??. (Jamman.)

?? (jamman) was a reduced form of ??? (jamkkanman), and it's thought a jargon term. One another items imply “hang on https://www.datingreviewer.net,” and perhaps they are ideal used among members of the family instead of operating configurations.

A: ? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ??? ?? ???? (Na jibe yeolsoe dugo gan geot gateunde hanbeon bwajullae?) “In my opinion We kept my personal important factors in the home. Do you really view they for me personally?”

B: ??, ?? ????? ?? ? ???. (Mian, jigeum syawo disappointed, I am providing a bath thus i can't cam today.”

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6. Leaving a contact

If you've produced an urgent label in order to read whom you need communicate with was unavailable, you can ask to leave a message. Here are around three Korean phone phrases make use of:

1) ?????? ??????? (Jeonhwahaesseotdago jeonhaejusillaeyo?)

A: ????? ???? ?? ??? ?????. ???? ??????? (Joesonghajiman yeona ssiga jamsi jarireul biweotseumnida. Mesijireul namgisigesseoyo?) “I'm frightened Yeona isn't during the today.